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Filling in the Gaps

So we all got stuck on the island on Friday afternoon after our last session. We happily packed and got ourselves and big luggage to the harbour for the staff ferry back to the mainland at 3:45pm, only to find out that all the tourise boats to the island have been canceled due to rough sea conditions - which meant that angry Robben Island Museum staff and a very tense group of curators had to wait a long time for one boat to make the trip several times to get home.

A couple of very tense hours followed, getting people off the island to catch busses, planes, loved ones, jobs etc on the other side. We were too late for some (Angie and Motseokae missed their bus to Bloemfontein and spent the night sleeping over) and others made it in time (the Joburg flight was substantially delayed, thankfully).

I am in the process now of reconciling everything - including accounts, my professional life, documentation etc. and making sense of the past two weeks. Hopefully others will contribute to the blog once the dust has settled and help make sense of the experience.

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back on the main land...

the last few minutes felt really weird, ``the want`` for getting home was like
no other,A Rough sea and the tummy ``upside down u turn me``
feeling was lekker KAK ...
reflections of the two weeks on Dat - island "try this ""